Waldrup Studio and Design

Your child’s Fall School Portrait event is NOW online and
ready to VIEW!!!   This Online Event is
set to Expire On:   Nov 7th

Please pay close attention when ordering your child’s
portrait to insure order accuracy. 

Your Fall Portrait online event is for viewing and ordering!! All online
orders are processed after the event EXPIRES!!!!

Be careful when submitting your online
order.  Orders submitted online go
directly to the portrait lab and cannot be cancelled nor changed once
submitted.  KWaldrup Studio & Design
will not issue refunds for incorrect orders placed online.

Once the online event expires, the sale will
close and the orders will be printed and shipped to your home/address provided. 

Delivery for Online Orders is approximately 3-4
weeks AFTER the event EXPIRES. 


Should you
have any questions, please contact our studio.

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