Waldrup Studio and Design

Thank you for viewing
the online event for Senior Retakes. This event is set to expire on
Dec 4th for Viewing and Ordering Online.  If you decide to order through your PROOF plan, those orders are due NOV 20th at school and will be delivered back to your school.  

ONLINE orders will be shipped to your HOME.

Yearbook Selections are DUE soon!!!  Should you NOT make a submission for your school;
a representative from our studio will do so. 
Note the following requirements for Yearbook Submission.  Yearbook Selections can be submitted with
your Proof Order Form, or by Calling our Studio, or by Emailing our Yearbook

Here is a list of instructions
for submission by your final yearbook submission deadline
Nov 20th!!!!

1-turn your proof sheet that you received from
school with your selections into the school by NOV 20th.

2-or call/email our
studio with your yearbook selections. 

We need the following
information with respect to your yearbook selections to meet your school’s

1-tux or drape

Our Phone
Contact is:

256-517-8776 –leave a detailed message should
you receive our voicemail

Yearbook Submission Email is:

include your students First and Last Name, School, and the 4 digit image
associated with the submissions

Please NOTE:  You CANNOT make a yearbook selection

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Kris Waldrup McHugh

KWaldrup Studio & Design