Waldrup Studio and Design

Your child’s Sports and Activities event is NOW online and
ready to VIEW!!!

 Please pay close attention when ordering your
child’s portraits.  Please READ all
instructions for order accuracy.

Note:  Your Sport and Event online
session is for viewing and ordering!! All online orders are processed after the
event EXPIRES!!!!

A few reminders:      

1. Your Sport and Event images are online to view for 2
weeks only. 

2. Your event expires:  Dec  16th at midnight

3. When ordering a Package, NOTE that packages A-E include
your “individual portrait” taken, as well as, the “Team Group with the border
and school name and year”.  So please
make your package selection A-E  from
your student’s “individual portrait”, NOT a Team or Small GROUP image!   Just know that if you should place an order
for a Package A-E on a TEAM or SMALL GROUP image, you will receive all of the
portraits from the TEAM image- OR- if you order from a SMALL GROUP image, that
your “individual portraits” referenced will come from the SMALL GROUP image and
the TEAM will be the TEAM GROUP associated with your child’s sport.  To be clear, order your package of your
specific child’s image.  Orders placed
online are printed as ordered!

4.  Included in your
session are various small groups and friends/sibling shots, you may purchase
those, just know that when ordering Package A-E, a TEAM (the print with the
border, school name, and year) Picture is included.  May we suggest ordering from our by the print
size Packages F, G, or H, that do not include a TEAM group portrait.

5.  All online orders
will be processed once the online event EXPIRES.

6.  Just know that any
orders placed with our PRE-ORDER option on picture day will be processed and
printed first.

7.  If you miss both
the PRE ORDER option and the ONLINE option, you may still order by contacting
our studio directly, however, there is a $10 late fee.

Give us a call or email if you have any questions. 


Kris McHugh

Studio & Design